extradimensional exploration

top of the morning to you. when intention to blogette early lost its battle with epic laziness, we have now been forced to excuse ourselves from the wine- and weed-fueled wii tournament to post. just because we promised.

in truth, we’re grateful for the reprieve. as expected, we’ve had to take a moment or two to ourselves during this week at the cottage en famile; breathe, centre, all that bullshit. it hasn’t exactly been smooth sailing.

while one may argue i may perhaps reside on the – ahem – immature end of the spectrum, fact of the matter is that when you return to the family unit, you revert straight back to your adolescence. you may have been a mama’s boy, you may have been the quiet middle one. well bras and ranties was a bitch. and we’ve been trying to slough off the label ever since. we’d like to believe we’ve come a long way since, and yet.

an end of the day photography bike ride and now a dutchie and blogette to myself under the stars. the stars! the shooting stars! you forget how breathtaking the sky is when you live in a city. you really do forget what’s up there. if bras and ranties lived underneath this sky every night, we’d be a fuck-lot more creative. we’d find peace by looking up. we’d make love outside. we’d dream more. until such time, we will continue to wish upon a star from downtown toronto, only to realize our wish just flew away on that jumbo jet.