fashion hurts

we thought it time to introduce you to our new babies, bcbg’s mendel pony hair wedge. otherwise intended as bras and ranties’ new everyday shoe.

after lusting after the overpriced, gravity-defying wonders for weeks, we were close to buckling a week before christmas. after slipping them on our feet, our outfit, our chi, our persona was transformed. wantie.

but the budget did not allow. we didn’t care if they were the runway edition: if we can buy loubies for the same price as bcbg, your kicks are overpriced. but after plotting with the salesgirl to run the shoes through first thing boxing day morning while we lay warm under the duvet, we left the store smug at our resourcefulness. 50% off and via phone. well that was easy.

we picked them up boxing day evening and debuted the shoes that night: friends, new steez and leftover cheer set to some really good jams. and while we admit we were dancing our poonany off, we were rendered extra sore come morning. our back. our back was not good. it seems soaring seven inches above earth with no support underneath the heel doesn’t do good things to the human body. we’re seeing the chiropractor tomorrow morning.
while one may find bras and ranties’ proclivity to ignore the rational or practical in our wardrobe choices rather humorous (anonymous taschken-hater from last week: this one’s for you) the truth is that normally, we can stomach it with a smile. fashion over function (warmth, comfort and uprightedness) if you will.
but this time (considering there is potential spinal disalignment involved) even we have potentially gone too far.

(image stolen from sea of shoes)


4 thoughts on “fashion hurts”

  1. Anonymous says:

    Well, I admire you for trying. I too love a good fashionable shoe, alas, my poor body can't handle anything over 3 inches.

    Would like to see a picture of these shoes with your outfit for the evening in the next installation of "what i wore".

  2. sarah nicole says:

    woman up! maybe ask liz cabral (you know, from flare?) how she wears these every freaking day. she really does.

    and because i'm too holidazy to comment on more than one post: i love that anais nin quote.


  3. Lisa ~ Urban Native Girl says:

    My bf saw these in the store and fell in love with them … I thought they looked a little too sky high and hairy for me. I think they would look fab for sure on someone else.

  4. Anonymous says:

    have to admit that i think those are pretty ugly.

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