fashion week wrap-up

i wish i could say that i love fashion week. because there are things about it that i really do enjoy. i love the clothing, for one. i love beautiful fabrics and tailoring and textures and colours. i love the creative energy that fashion week brings. i love the celebration of fashion as art.

i saw a few shows this year, including the aime show that featured the fabulous new jenny bird jewelry line. i even had the sweet experience of giving my reaction to the show afterwards on fashion television. it was fun and exciting and filled with beauty.

but there’s this problem i have with fashion week. with the chi. i just see too many stiff people giving each other too many dirty looks. i call it the elevator. when that biatch looks you up, down and back up again. it was everywhere. and let me tell you, it’s not a good look on you. there’s just so much pretention. and it’s annoying.

i wish that people were happier. and friendlier. and kinder. it’d be so much nicer out there…