feeling joyous

this weekend marks the mid-way point of bras and ranties’ wellness plan, our seven week commitment to eating less beige and getting in better touch with our bod. while the sunday morning seminars seem like capital punishment as we attempt to resist the saturday night voddies, we must admit there are few things that feel better than starting a week off so right.

the sessions begin with a topical talk from @joyoushealth, not only providing simple ways to eat and live better and happier but as well the reasons why. we weren’t looking for a diet overhaul (though we admit we have managed to develop a taste for kale) but rather tips and knowledge that can be easily implemented into our every day. follow the seminar with 90mins of michelle uy’s yoga and stretching and we have a hard time thinking of a better way to end the week, despite the wake up bell.
the morning always leaves us inspired to start the week off right, small choices of goodness coming together to make a viable (and visible) difference. our energy, our weight, our flexibility – all improved. all by simply being more mindful of our body and the fuel we feed it.
and while we find it sad and disheartening that it takes a tribe of nutritionists to teach the masses how to avoid the poisonous preservatives we’ve been fed for half a century – that’s a whole other rantie. but the notion does provide a (simplistic) guide to your choices. when in doubt, eat as your ancestors did.
some of our other favorite tips include:
* lemon water should be the first thing you put into your body in the morning. it detoxifies the liver, somewhat forgiving the past day’s debaucheries.
* chew food until it’s almost liquid. this not only curbs digestion issues but maximizes the absorption of nutrients.
* swap out of our two coffees per day with green tea, for anti-aging and antioxidant magic.
* eat foods that are alive, or once were.
* sleep. three days a week try your best to get to bed before 11pm. the hours clocked before midnight count for double. or at least it feels like they do.
* identify the emotional root of your cravings. bras and ranties craves carbs, apparently a nod to our need for calm and comfort.
* stock the fridge: eggs. blueberries. dark leafy veg. oranges. apples. nuts. quinoa. salsa. avocados (we’ve now perfected a homemade guac). pressed evoo. seeds. flax. cinnamon.
the next session starts in april. check it here. go forth and live joyously.