this one’s not about you either

bras and ranties has always been one to immediately trust our gut on people. we’d like to think we have the ability to read a chi quite quickly, occasionally convincing ourselves that we – in fact – may be more aware of a person’s truths than their own selves. holier than thou, don’t we know it.

 (in fact we subjected a poor chap to a session of this friday night, however rightly so for his unabashed douchebaggery. rantie on him to come.)
all of this may explain our propensity to burn through les hommes quite quickly whilst single. we can tell in an instant where a boy sits on the [figurative] food chain and the moment we do – you’re likely our dinner, young man. the fact of the matter is that we can be quite the handful, and it takes that certain je ne sais quoi in order to keep us into it. if it’s not there, we’re out of there. no point in pretending, right?
we have yet to determine how to best handle the situation, however, and turn to the dear readers for their sage advice. our current front-runner involves decorative ‘your services are no longer required’ business cards. you like?