finding greys

the first time bras and ranties spotted a grey hair amongst the highlights, we kinda lost it. we ripped that sucker at the root and immediately mounted the strand to a piece of black paper beside our laptop to exist as a reminder. how could our hair be turning grey? we hadn’t even begun, and already time was telling us we were over the hill? fuck that shit.

one blogette (and freelance career) later and we’re about fifty greys deep. it doesn’t hurt so bad anymore, but we admit the peek of a grey amongst the toils of our blonderexia still pulls at the heartstrings for our wasted youth.
perhaps we’d have better luck if we just embraced the fact that our body’s decaying before our eyes and hopped on this latest hair bandwagon: shades of grey.
young fashionies across europe are now eschewing the omnipresent bottled blonde and going grey by choice. one of the hottest textile colors in years, grey has taken over basic black as the more luxurious, out of the ordinary way to do everything from basics to ballgowns (don’t forget your nails). see pixie geldof at right. even riri’s latest tattoo is done in grey ink, an idea we like a bit too much. so it would make sense that the trend move it’s way upward, blonde tresses so very difficult to make edgy (hence our tiger tail).
while we like the idea in theory we’re not quite sure we’re so adventurous. we’re pretty sure that if we saw this chick around town we’d either think her at-home job had gone rogue, or that she was too hipster to care. care to prove us wrong?

One thought on “finding greys”

  1. Emma Farquharson says:

    I loooove your tiger tail. Since seeing it I've been trying to contemplate another way to edgify my blonde locks.. But nothing compares, j'adore it!! xxx

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