first world problems

sadly (and for the very first time) bras and ranties finally understands.

was it doubt which threw a suspicious glance over the shoes she had collected for their courage, shoes intended to walk the most entrancing and dangerous paths? shoes of assurance and daring exploration, shoes for new situations, new steps, new places. all shined and polished for variety and change and adventure, and then each day rebuked, left like museum pieces on their shelves while she took the familiar and slightly worn ones that would not impose on her feet too large a role, too great an undertaking.

anais nin, an excerpt

2 thoughts on “first world problems”

  1. b. says:

    phenomenal. i should print this out and put it in my closet, next to all my worn-only-once-because-they-beat-the-shit-out-of-my-feet shoes.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Yeah. We look past those skyscraper shoes because they HURT.
    But they are soooo pretty. Even in the closet.

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