a few of you have asked whether bras and ranties have seen 500 days of summer.

well we have – and we loved it – though it could be classified as one of our more traumatic movie-going experiences ever. you see, we decided to see this story about love (for this is not a love-story) the day after our break-up with chef. we’re not sure why we felt this to be a good idea, as the movie was clearly obviously about love, love-lost and heartbreak. but it was on our must-see list and that cold and blubbery day was as good a day as any.

as we settled into our seat with our favorite movie snack (peanut m&m’s poured into salty popcorn – try it once and love me forever) we looked up to see two deliciously tall men settling in two rows in front.

upon further inspection, i realized with utter horror – it was chef! balls. there was nothing to be done except smile, say hello and then make sure the back of his head was out of my line of sight. as the film literally repeated back to us full quotes that had been used during our break-up convo (not twelve hours before) bras and ranties vascillated from howling at the irony to groaning at the brutality of it all, quite sure that our added sound effects were not lost on our movie companions.

the movie was great, the soundtrack was better and it really does provide an important lesson about love. our culture’s fixation with finding love (and the great lengths one may go to in order to keep it) has caused too many of us to fight with a similar passion for relationships that are simply wrong. the movie’s message – that love isn’t always as it seems, and that life really does go on – was (in retrospect) probably the best film bras and ranties could have chosen to see that day. and (though ridiculously unexpected and two rows in front) we feel we probably had the best movie companion of all.

bras and ranties thumbs up.

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  1. iamlaura says:

    Your resilience is astounding. Well done, my dear.

  2. discoveriesoftheunemployed says:

    saw this and enjoyed it so much i got the soundtrack as soon as i got home…

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