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creativity is the force that’s most often perplexed and intrigued bras and ranties. at once your own and yet so easy to lose sight of, it seems to live within another layer of the atmosphere. reverberating at a slightly higher frequency – right there for the taking, plucked down by eyes and ears open. dismissed as a state of unblessed inaccess by those without the nerve to find their own. a place of fear for the rigid, the frigid, the righteously insecure.

while we try and live creative within as many facets we can – our own creative pressure most often lives present via our work. our ability to discover creatively intelligent ideas amongst the mess of the consumer and their world. and whilst any creative can most often be find lamenting their mind’s mercy to ideas (not timelines) those of us in the corporate idea-system know that the timeline waits for no one.

the concept of creative genius is addressed here, in a ted talk given by elizabeth gilbert (author of the oprah-revered eat, pray, love). she explores creative fear; the fear of never achieving creative genius, or (worse) achieving it once and never again. her talk delves into ancient philisophy, when the conceptual definition of genius was extremely different, and poses the argument that moving away from that thought was a grave social error.

it’s 19mins (and she goes a little cray cray toward the end) but what an interesting idea. have a listen, go forth and confabulate.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    I do find TED completely amazing in so many ways. I'm happy that you have come across this, but also hoping that you actually take a regular look through the incredible videos there. 🙂 Keep up the great blogging… and by the way, re the anti fur person on the other blog, I'm on your side B&R. You look hot!

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