the continued reproduction of fools

the entire world watched today as two fame- and money-hungry american hicks tried to make their own jon and kate dreams come true. by wasting dollars, time, resources and attention to fashion a lie about their kid’s safety, while they really just locked him in the attic for a while. who are these assholes?

the moment we saw the flying saucer extravaganza we knew it was a hoax. or a 2009 remake of d.a.r.y.l.* it was simply just too dumb to be true.
needless to say there’s no doubt we’ll be bracing ourselves for the balloon boy jokes for weeks to come (we’re already over it – though we’re considering wearing our hot air balloon earrings tomorrow) and no doubta few nerds out there just got the best idea for their halloween costume (eye roll emoticon).

* data analyzing robot youth life form. slash, the best shit ever.

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