from the forever inexperienced

the air has this crisp, unfamiliar potency that at first return kind of knocks our throat, a startled breath. but the next is fresh, the following deep and wide. a relief. there’s something about this season, how it usually passes by in a blink, this time an uncharacteristic arrival long, curious and mellow. as if fall was a woman recently awakened, soaking up each second of her turn in the sun.

to be immersed amongst leaves leaning into their ombre evolution, to see spectacular carpets of treetops artfully swirling canary yellows burnt reds juicy oranges together. a finger painting. the flight, the travel of those meant to move. it’s so fucking beautiful we almost double-rainbowed all over everything. thanks giving indeed.
the turning season appears to have also brought about a bevvy of breakups, what seems like many choosing to turn a page in time with the trees (dropping like flies, the words of the unromantic). since this we’ve received more me-toos and heartfelt hellos than we’d ever expected. something most certainly in the air.
while one could attribute the autumnal overhaul to just old habits of our adolescence (summer boys were always gone by fall) we can’t help but wonder if the need to shed, molt and move along hasn’t been inspired by something else. this theatrical transition going on all around us.
there really is something about walking in nature, observing life as it was intended. unaffected (for the most part) by consequences of choice or bad decisions. it hammers home the notion of letting go and letting life unroll as it may. releasing desire, intent, control. of living a moment out in the sun. we can change of course, hurt learn grow, do the best we can despite what life dishes, what little girl wishes. but only in the context of nature’s chaos. only upon surrendering to the now. if you’re of the type who listens, who intuits, who trusts gut, then trust you are exactly as you should be. that today is exactly as it was intended. one step closer to peace.
inspired by (rt) @WordWhispers side effects of walking in nature: healing grudges, generating sweet memories, relieving guilt, restoring imagination.

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  1. Made by Mariko says:

    I love it. I feel it too.

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