gaga for mcqueen

the tweets were atwitting yesterday when lady gaga released bad romance, completely dripping in alexander mcqueen. how that bitch manages to walk so well in the jewel-encrusted armadillos we have no idea.

outfited in mcqueen s/s 2010 gaga takes the weirdness to all new levels. this is a music video masterpiece if only for the glamorous, tragic theatrics of the thing.

one tweeter declared that with this, gaga had unseeded queen madonna before she relented the throne. we’d tend to agree. save for a few cringe-worthy moments, this is a whole new level and we love it. what say you?

3 thoughts on “gaga for mcqueen”

  1. iamlaurarogers says:

    gaga is positively bowie-esque.

    the vid is brilliant. and as you'd probably guess (since it was my halloween costume), i personally love the nod to her former mmva outfit with the flaming boobs.

    i'm gaga for gaga.

  2. Marie says:

    I will profess what I had since the get go – Gaga has taken Madonna's throne! When Madonna lets you pull her hair and/or smack her on SNL, chances are you're not someone Madonna wants to mess with.

  3. snp says:

    the destroyed ending makes it all believable. batshit genius. but have to say: they too obviously filmed her in the mcqueen ss10 collection after doing the rest of the vid and pasted it in.

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