we will admit that our wildest dreams (for priorities change once one involuntarily becomes a web geek) included dear readers feasting their eyes on brasandranties v2.0 when logging on this morning. we envisioned it a lovely surprise, representing that new years do bring about new ways. that a fresh outward appearance is enough to inject new energy inwards. you know, all that bullshit.

and yet it turns out that a website rebuild (even just a wee one) takes a whole lot of work, time and micromanagement. in other words, no blogette. yet.
but we thought it important to inform that now is the time (the only time) to share your wishes for the new blogette. tell us. what do you want to see? what do you wish bras and ranties had/did/said more we’re currently shit at? fill us in!
it’s also an important point in the process to remind those of you whose browsers default to to change your shit now. we are migrating off of blogspot and will be hosting all content on bookmark it now, or lose us forever.



One thought on “gestation”

  1. Brenny says:

    I want to see something spunky, to match the writing. and Please Please Please, dont loose the noncapitalization of your sentences. It makes it seem like you just dont care, about grammar and punctuation, but more about what your saying:) xoxo

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