gettin off.

well. now you can get even more done in the shower with tinge….the first ever razor slash vibrator. looks like a standard old razor until you slip on the cap and suddenly it’s transformed into your multi-functional-hair-removing-orgasm machine! 32 speed (um…is this really necessary?) and obvie water-resistant. only 99$.

for the record, it’s a waste of money. 1st – if you have a man, use him in the shower when at all possible. 2 – if you don’t, why don’t you just run a warm bath over your vahayhay? try it. then try telling me you can’t have an orgasm.

you’re welcome.

ps. oh yah, i went there.

One thought on “gettin off.”

  1. Vanessa says:

    That is so unsanitary! why would you want to use a vibrator you shaved with. nasty

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