bras and ranties is humbled and honored to be working on a very special project with a very special man at current, a few hours a week in our line-up of gigs we’ve alloted to creative exchange. a trade of services, if you will.

we left the meeting with a rather shy pride that we’d managed to capture a story so precious into the academic constraints of brand-building. and we left rockin the fuck out about the fact that we’re in a position where we can do this in the first place.

how important it is to be using your day, your energy, your mind in developing a skill – an offering – that is not only your craft, but a craft of value. a crazy, random little thing that you can do that so few others can. a skill people are willing to trade their skills for. or even moolah, oh my!

there are jobs/skills/magical spells that anyone can do, and then there are some that only one can do. which one would you rather ? why aren’t you?


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  1. dobermanmom says:

    ..oh so perfectly put!

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