below is a lovely reader-mail i received yesterday. not a question…just more proof of my amazing-ness! if you don’t want to subject yourself to my gloating, skip this post. but it was just too good of a trick not to share.

So I’ve had this dress sitting in my closet for about a month. When I bought it, I thought it looked good. When I got home I realized it SO did not. I should have returned it, but somehow thought maybe I was the problem, not the dress (what!?!?). This morning, I decided to go yet another round with the dress. Maybe this time it would look different?
It did not.
At that point the dress and I, both frustrated, looked at each other and wondered, WWJND?
(What Would Jen Newton Do?)
I proceeded to turn the dress back to front and voila! The dress looks kickass backward!
So now I’m wearing an awesome new dress, and a jaunty green beret (in honour of the fact that it’s March 17th). It’s a great outfit. Big up to you!

amazingly enough, this is not the first time i have heard wwjnd! i may trademark it…