a gloat and a pony

every day we find ourselves pontificating to some helpless, defenseless soul about the concept of authentic social media. the way we see it (at least for the heavily-involved) there truly is no distinction between the real and digital world. the two are now so heavily integrated into societal confabulation and constructs that they are – in their essence – one and the same. what we mean is that the line has essentially eroded; a person’s presence wafting back and forth between the worlds with an automatic ease. lives intertwined. pixels come to life.

every day we find ourselves having authentic conversation with others in our world that we may have never laid eyes on. and every once in a while we’ll finally lay our eyes on someone that’s already become a friend.
such was the scene last week when bras and ranties met up with fellow young blogette mushy pony to talk shop. from inspirations to tribulations, we shot the shit (all while we tried to ignore the recording device that sat beneath our nose…we’ve learnt we work best in a medium to which you can revise)
check the pow-wow, and the rest of the mushy pony blog here.




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