glory days

we didn’t go to our high school reunion, passed for some more festive frivolity we can of course no longer recall. our closest friend from days of yore remains just as such (in fact, she skipped it with us) so suffice to say we weren’t really compelled. we’d do the next one.

 the realities of retrospect shine a light on what we weren’t really ready to admit: we were just coasting. we were as lost as we could be considering our advantages; safety rails of education, work, expectation. life looked better than it felt, the destination sweet enough. but amongst an assembly of academics, doctors, mothers what we had felt unfulfilling. likely because it was.
since then we’ve come to learn the lesson, figured the futility in measuring your mark against any one or any thing but one’s own potential. someone once whispered: listen to your dreams, these notes from some place higher. and in those airy syllables lay the truth. we are all made with the potential to do great things. so we began to follow our nose, explore whims of inspiration, just to see where we’d end up. followed inclination, inspiration, individuality. the more we did, the more arrived (that universal truth). this was the point.
through all those days of our kilted adolescence, within a factory of females desperate to meet the mould, one classmate had stood individual all along. this quiet creative: soft, elegant and unexpected. she kind of floated, flew amongst us. a sightseer from some place more magical. her gifts led calla to parsons then paris, where she collaborated with olivier theyskens (nina ricci and rochas) and then went on to launch her own stunning (and award-winning) line. with worldwide attention and lots of love from her hometown she released this video during paris fashion week, as invitation to her ss11 presentation (full collection here). an homage to niki de saint phalle, an artist of inspiration for calla. ‘she epitomizes the creative woman i have in mind when designing’ says the creative woman we now have in mind while writing. and inspiration lives.