go buy now.

i’ve had a few more requests for the ‘go buy now’ section! which is SO fun, because 1) glorious spring is around the corner people; and 2) i’m really, really not allowed to shop anymore. so at least you can look good while i blogette my sorrows away.

le sigh…

so i touched on nude yesterday – and i will utilize this opportunity to extend the breadth of nude to include creams, pale pinks, light blues. anything ethereal. anything light, preferably sheer. layers. romantic, whimsical and dreamy.

now’s the fun part. juxtapose. bend…and snap! what i mean is…think of what shouldn’t go, and make it work.

so black leather. tough jewelry. studs. fringe. yes! rocker country. chunky shoes. ratty jeans. animal prints. tribal. two very bright colors (like orange with turquoise. or purple with yellow). go overboard. have fun. perform.

some other things i likey. if you’re brave (and skinny) do a jumpsuit. if anything is even closely resembling camel toe, take it the f*ck off and return it immediately. no one wants to see that, man. but otherwise do it. with a belt. and heels. always.

hm, what else? well i’d say statement necklaces are not quite over yet but they’re starting to go sour. i say – back to big-ass earrings! think chunky. fringe. anything extreme. and prepare for the resurgence of button earrings.

shoes. chunky platform pumps. color. detail. embellishment. there is nothing more delicious than a sexy-ass shoe. try a caged pump as a fresh update to the gladiator.

to conclude, can i please make a plea to the lovely ladies? it’s just…well, it’s about your tights. come on…can we do something other than black tights please? tights are a must, we can’t sass in a dress without them, but seriously. black tights are depressing. sad. hate. pity.

try greys, blues, dark fishnets, patterns. if you have to do black, do one with a seam. and if you so desire, try the newts and wear the seam up the front…©

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  1. Allie O says:

    Hmmm, thinking the jumpsuit may encourage Jessica Simpson comparisons – i think I’ll stickt to a new pair of heels. Got rid of the gladiator flats last summer…

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