golden age

forgive. as you may have guessed (or at least assumed by our monday morning absence) bras and ranties’ birthday was a bit of a shit show.

after our much-needed inspiration trip to nyc fell through the proverbial cracks, we were left with 24hrs to pull together a party. and party we did, non-neighbourly noise complaints bedamned.

we are pleased to report that we rang in the new year by reaching a brand new level of drunkeness, force-fed shots of tequila rendering us a rare state of speechless. the next day was spent on the bathroom floor. we wish we were kidding.

despite the rough start (and this afternoon’s most painful conference call) we remain uncharacteristically optimistic about the year ahead. perhaps it is because for once we did not dramatically weep for a portion of the day. not sure what all that’s about.

(image stolen from we heart it)