good chi

rose early with a french press of thick black coffee, working through the morning to meet a deadline. spent the afternoon riding my pink cadillac cyclette around town, delivering tardy birthday presents to friends with glee. next, a wonderful meeting with some inspired photographers for whom i will be helping to craft their voice. then a killer pilates session, followed by a delishy dins, drinks and bras and ranties brainstorm with friends. am now suitably tipsy and ready for bed, with another early morning tomorrow.

really – what a lovely day. it’s days like this that make me so grateful for all of the time i have to myself and the exploration of my whims. i’m working for myself on increasingly incredible projects with wonderful people and friends, dedicating my brainpower to ideas that do good, and (almost without having realized it) building a brand of my very own in this lovely wee blogette of mine.

which is why i was inspired to receive this piece from @_jennybird, from one of the producers of a recent film i posted about called lemonade (trust me – you must). this piece addresses an industry phenomenon also recently addressed by an article in fast company (the best business mag there is). essentially it’s about agencies adopting the philosophy of the entrepreneur; creating the business they want to work on by building the brands themselves. mayhaps a counterintuitive approach, and yet brands are either made famous or made foul by their ability to be marketed. so when the agency is the client and the client is the agency things probably get way more interesting.

i hope to see more of this, and i hope to one day work on a brand being managed in this manner. how fucking cool. in the meantime, this brand strategist is off to strategize about her brand. sorry to leave you hanging, but no soup for you.