good-girl regret

if you keep up with our daily happenings via twitter, you are already well-aware of the heartache and heartbreak that bras and ranties suffered over the weekend after having to walk away from these brian atwood babies.

after we popped the six inchers on our pieds both our outfit and our chi transformed. we envisioned them with tights. under dresses. flopped over liquid leggings. we pranced around the store with glee. we were in love.

alas the angel beat the devil this time, a voice of reason reminding bras and ranties that christmas presents (and rent) should probably take priority. we have been solemn ever since, as potential outfit ideas flash across our mind when least expected. last night, we even dreamt of them.
we’re now being told that all is not lost, the chausseurs not only spotted @ the room by the culturites, but anticipated to go on sale post christmas rush. involuntary noises resembling squees and squeals escape us. if we even see you try them on, we’ll have your head. these will be ours ours ours!



2 thoughts on “good-girl regret”

  1. Anonymous says:

    You're funny B&R 🙂 They're pretty comfy, just got these last week! Good luck 🙂

  2. jessieADORE says:

    It would have been quite difficult to pull me away from these! I respect your discipline soldier.

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