guilt groupe.

it’s two minutes to noon. most of you are starting to break for lunch, eager for a break and bite in the sunshine. you’ve perhaps been dreaming of an avocado bagel with extra salt and pepper (the ultimate hangover cure) since you rolled in this morning. so why are all the fashionistas hangin at their desks?

goin rex you say? no, silly! starving yourself is so 2007. these girls are waiting for high noon, when the gilt groupe sales go live.

an internet shopping phenomenon (the wares of which i’m a proud owner myself), this online sample-sale community now has a staggering one million members. one million other women vying for that same alexander mcqueen silk butterfly print dress.

it’s democracy at it’s best, and it’s ruining women across america.

as any seasoned shopper can attest, there is an intense and panicked reaction to getting extremely expensive clothes at an extremely discounted price. factor in that you’ve got 4 minutes to make your move or you’re fucked, and you’ve got women everywhere impulse-purchasing as fast as their fingers can click. women who, in the midst of a recession, are often spending money they don’t have. plastic, baby. gotta admit…it’s a kick-ass business model.

great story on this @ dailybeast

if you want a gilt groupe invite, email find someone in the us to ship to. oh, and don’t say i didn’t warn you.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    gilt groupe doesn’t accept cdn credit cards…i have emailed them numerous time asking them for alternatives….1 year later – nothing…i guess they don’t want our $$. AK

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