happy endings.

bras and ranties adores this.

this photographer (and new mother), intruiged by her young daughter’s fascination with disney princesses and fairy tales, did a collection inspired by the fairy tale turned real. the photographer began to imagine the characters in the modern-day scenarios of their conflicts. in other words; real life, biatch.

i’ve often wondered about the role that fairy tales play in what seems to be a fierce desire in girls to find their prince charming, no matter the cost. i see it all around me; girls so focused on finding the one, they’re ignoring the fact it’s a square peg in a round hole. sometimes the situations can get hella bad before someone comes finally comes to their senses and calls the whole thing off. but oooh the fight these ladies will put up defending what they know deep down is so very wrong for them. move along, for the sake of your happiness. i implore you.

so what then is the source of the soul’s desire to fit seamlessly with another? is true love really a thing? is finding forever with one person really all that realistic – or is it just a fairytale?