have you popped your topshop, cheri?

topshop in toronto is more than old news by now, setting up shop over a month ago in the back of jonathan + olivia as a temperature test for the marketplace. a pre-expansion experiment before setting up permanent digs somewhere round town. we like it. we want it.

we’d just assumed everyone and their milfy mother had made their way downtown by now to check the wares, an edited, ever-evolving collection that has already begun to transition itself fabulously into brasandranties’ summer wardrobe, as it were.
to highlight, the shoes at right, a set of heavy, seventies-esque sky-highs that seem to transform themselves into the best shoes ever once upon our feet. it’s as if they all but disappear, adding nothing but leggy inches to our vertically-lacking frame. and voila, they instantly became our every day shoe. every. fucking. day.
throughout the racks you’ll find on-trend pieces that will find a way to sit as staples amongst what you want to wear right now. in a fortnight (ah the brits) you’ll be over them, and that’s okay. that’s the point. don’t expect parity with h&m, in choice nor in price-point. it’s more like zara with an edge. it’s good. a great addition to the toronto shopping mix.
we’ll be posting what we wore soon (we promise, we do). we have a half a dozen ready to rip sitting languidly on our lazy man’s memory card. in the meantime, just for funsies, why don’t you send us what you wore for once?

4 thoughts on “have you popped your topshop, cheri?”

  1. Anonymous says:

    the heel on that shoe looks retarded, the whole thing looks retarded actually.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Actually, they look rather comfortable. Excellent choice Bras and Ranties!

  3. Anonymous says:

    it reminds me of those flesh-coloured tensor bandages.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Thank you for that unique perspective Snooki

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