have you tried?

one of the things i miss most about my old job was the proximity to jamie kennedy’s gilead cafe, where i feasted on many a lunch that would make my trainer shudder. this was also the site of the short-lived mcgosling reconcilliation (saw it with me own eyes i did…full-body shivers for ryan gosling man). sorry, distracted…

anyways, you capc babies are in for another treat with jk’s newest lunch spot hank’s (church just north of front). a bit of a departure from gilead, this spot’s more homey, cozy and cafe-oriented. check it and report back. actually, i’ll come meet you. you’re buying.

3 thoughts on “have you tried?”

  1. Jane says:

    Deal. My treat.

  2. joyousness says:

    love your blog, keep writing!! 🙂

  3. AllieLD says:

    I just ate there today – amaze! I highly recommend. Can’t beat super tasty + cheap and cheerful.

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