heart breaker.

in sad (slash devastating) news, bras and ranties favie rachel bilson recently had her la home robbed while she was here in ontario, visiting boyfriend hayden christensen and shopping at bass pro shop. by the way, i always thought he was gay. but certainly can’t see bilson playing the beard card. my gaydar is usually impeccable, but i suppose i could be getting rusty.

anyway, apparently bilson’s wardrobe was completely ransacked, and apparently it was quite a collection. it also included family heirloom jewels and an extraordinary array of shoes.

the sad smut got bras and ranties thinking about what we would do if god forbid this happened? something came close once, in my last week of fourth year. i put in four loads of laundry and left during the wash cycle. when i got back, it turned out someone had helped herself.

if this happened now, i would probably go unconscious. then i’d go shopping. for the sake of the post not turning into an all-nighter internet shopping extravaganza, i’ve limited choices to the ‘what’s new’ portion of the most well-rounded shopping site around, shopbop. here are bras and ranties picks. click to view large, i’m sorry the thumbnail looks like horse shit. again, i wish to the fairies for a web geek. anyways, you should play too!