hind sight

a bit of a late start today, after effects of bras and ranties having found ourself out four nights in a row. or was it five. uncharacteristic and rather unnecessary, in retrospect, and yet our fomo radar is at an all-time high as our day of work looms near.

in truth, the whole idea of going back to work has us rather depressive, all the things we didn’t do, see or wear in our fifteen months of (relative) freedom from the schedule. it’s not about accomplishments, so much as simply spending time well. relishing in the idea of not having to really be anywhere (and thus able to go everywhere). we took it for granted.
we’re trying our best to find the positive spin, the rational mind weaving cases for relaxation and exhale. but we know better.
and so the universe doth impart its effects, the same very lesson wrapped in another package. time. money. health. love. life. we’ve got to stop wasting the gifts we’ve been granted. and because it’s best to wise up before they start coming in meaner manifestations, consider it a lesson learnt.

(image pinched from we heart it. looks like a lot of you have been too)




2 thoughts on “hind sight”

  1. Anonymous says:

    what do you wish you had done?

  2. JB says:

    Anonymous, she wishes she had had lunch with Papa Bear!!!

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