holy shitballs

by the way we are going bananas over alexander mcqueen’s 2010 shoes – but can you even call these shoes really? bestudded armadillo glamour hooves?

the show streamed live from the paris runways (a first for a few designers this year) and was retardedly cool, eerily primal and breathtakingly artful. check it (and all the other shoe contraptions) here.

we know they’re ridiculous. and the models look generally absurd trying to make that shit happen. and we can only presume they will be deflated of a bit of their glory in order to become retail-ready. but we stare. and the more we stare, the more we love. and the more we love, the more we wantie.
oh god, we wantie. see you in our dreams lovers.

3 thoughts on “holy shitballs”

  1. Strutt says:

    only Alexander McQueen!

  2. Anonymous says:

    They remind me of anteaters…

  3. Anonymous says:

    they make me think of an alien head, the shape, makes the foot look quite large, and no man would ever want to go near those…

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