hot to shop

we are currently mustering all sorts of self-control (sitting on hands, conjuring responsibility like a sorceress, spells to combat our visa’s mysticism) thumbing through thumbnails of a line we are loving: shakuhachi. out of australia, every piece just looks a leisurely, luxurious delight. an apparel accompaniment to a very different way of life. j’adore.

our fantasy fall wardrobe yearns for this aesthetic; unique updates to shapes in any girl’s list of wares-necessaire. an edgy femininity. we’re assuming topshop will come closest to complementing the vibe, but hot damn it we wantie.

lots of emails desiring more what we wore (blush) and thus your wish is our command. what we wore, to work and otherwise to come all week. happy monday, lovelies.

2 thoughts on “hot to shop”

  1. Anonymous says:

    it's tuesday and there's nooooooo what we wore!

  2. Anonymous says:

    its sept. and there are still nooooooo what we wore. pls & thx !!!

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