how far we’ve come

we’ll kick off this (rather monumental) morning on a serious note. we won’t go a-rantie over the state of the world, nor wax poetic on heartbreak. we aren’t announcing intimate details of the boys on the bedpost, or declaring the state of our nether regions for strangers and family members alike.

what we want to do (on this rather monumental morning) is thank you.
while very few can be found acclaiming our worth more than bras and ranties our self (who else will!?) there still exists the occasional moment we’re left authentically humble. inexplicably surprised. forever grateful.
today is one of those days, our very last of this fifteen month journey. we’ve got regrets and we’ve spent hours counting could’ve, would’ve and should’ves. we’ve been tinged with mixed emotions around change, haunted with a notion that perhaps we missed something.
and yet anxiety finally takes its leave (a rare occurrence) when we see it: the proof. the pride. record numbers. record readers. from all over the world.
and while we’re still perplexed at what those readers in kuwait do find so intriguing, we’re grateful. so fucking grateful. to all of you, each one of you. the friends the foes the family the boyfriends the xboyfriends the lovers the haters the judges the curious the surprised the proud the commentators the confabulators. thank you.
we won’t stop until you tell us to.
xx on your pink parts, bras and ranties