we’ve been struck silent with different photo series coming through the web today, tragically, beautifully, hauntingly documenting the aftermath of haiti’s devastation. for days our mind has spent most of its time with the families of port au prince, often coming upon us unexpectedly like a wall. a bird in flight headlong into the window, blunt force of reality knocking us cold.

while there’s undoubtedly a bottleneck of donations translating to supplies on the ground, we are compelled as humans to do what it is we can to help. the selfish perspective is that your contribution isn’t enough to make a difference. your contribution is all there is.
as people come together in renewed unity, we can’t help but think of the crises raging the world over; our brothers and sisters across the globe fighting their own hell. it’s when this picture becomes so dire, so grave, that many are left rendered paralyzed by inaction.
all we can encourage is to do what you can for whom you can. that we help each other. and that we do our very best to live with love.
god bless.