it’s not shopping, it’s “collecting”

i’m very excited to inform you that i took nine pieces to my tailor on friday to be reworked for my bod. mostly vintage; all of them bold, colourful dresses for summer; and including (for the first time) an annette newton acquisition.

an important shopping strategy is to prioritize the collection of unique and vintage pieces. fit is of minimal concern providing it’s on the larger side. pick up these finds when you come across them, and partner with a tailor who can get to know your style and your body. for example, my tailor shortens everything to line up with the tip of my finger if my arms are at my sides. short, i realize, but it’s what works for me.

for (on average) $20 a piece, your wardrobe goes from cute to custom.

i cannot wait until june 8th, which is the (almost absurd) date that my new duds are scheduled to be ready. it will be like a whole new wardrobe. whee!

by the way, this pic is wholly irrelevant, save for the slightly vintage chi. but don’t you love?