i want to feel blonde all over…

both lilo and brit-bits spent 8+ hours in the salon over the weekend returning to their god-given states of bleached blonded extensions.

as it should be.

considering the lez is hitting heroin with her bi-annual meal and brits looks certifiable, we suppose we can correctly theorize that blondes – in fact – have way more fun.

we’re hitting john steinberg for a new lid ourselves this week. blonde highlights blonde highlights blonde highlights…we’re getting bored. we want something extreme. that doesn’t require scissors – obviously!


for the record – as gross as lindsay lohan may be, i covet her wardrobe. this girl can shop.

One thought on “i want to feel blonde all over…”

  1. Sean says:

    Who do you see at Steinberg? Is it Anelise? I love Anelise.

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