i wish.

ah, the job of the beauty editor. they gleefully sift through every product in the world, and hand-pick the best. bitches.

now, i’m not one to condone that whole facebook chain letter bullshit, but this 25 random things about w’s beauty editors was a great read.

w is one of my faves. what are yours?

ps. loving drew’s roots. i’m finally en vogue.

pps. totally getting eyelash extensions.

One thought on “i wish.”

  1. Anonymous says:

    do not get lash extensions, they are heavy, glue sticks everywhere, and will break what you love to flutter.
    instead use a lash conditioner to strengthen your lashes or come in for fakes that last the evening..
    ps..thanks for the shout today..we love the blog!
    gee girls

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