we admit it. we are sort of loving the pump-with-sock situation. true, if you’d asked us six months ago we’d have laughed at you at the mere mention of the concept. and true, we can’t for the life of us envision an outfit in our closet that would look better with a pump-with-sock versus a pump-without-sock. but there’s something about it.

our biggest concern lies in the number of people who will do this wrong, so wrong. because a lot could really go wrong here. and your boyfriend will totally not get it.

2 thoughts on “curious”

  1. JB says:

    I personally have a long list of things that if you ever see me doing, you may rush off get a gun and shoot me…….dead with no mercy.

    That list includes wearing Lederhosen, belt and suspenders together, fedora (or such) with feather in band, Bluetooth earpiece while walking and of course the ubiquitous socks and sandals.

    Not sure if I can handle the latter even if it is attached to a leg and foot far lovelier than mine.

  2. Buy the shoe is every color says:

    First things first I would never wear a Bluetooth earpiece at any point of my life…
    I have on many occasions worn the socks and heals- I don't think birky's look good with socks, but I have to admit I have some socks that look really good with fall heals.
    It almost looks like it is part of the shoe, you can't just wear any old sock, the sock must have a fun pattern or frill or it just looks wrong

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