in case we don’t say it enough

oh hello there.

it’s a slow and snowy monday afternoon – that awkward cluster of days floating between christmas and new years where we each try in desperation to recoup and recalibrate before the debaucherous decade departs us.
we hope you spent (slash are spending) the holidays surrounded by love and loved ones, as it was meant. we took a self-imposed hiatus from the laptop in an attempt to clear our head (and straighten out our spinal hunch). we hope you didn’t miss us too bad.
it was a difficult holiday for bras and ranties; the sweetness of family, giving and gifting spiced with what can only be described as our increasing inability to, like, deal. truth is, despite our continued announcement and encouragement to find opportunity within any state of feeling lost – feeling lost fucking sucks. a life realtively absent of anchors, constraints, schedules or direction – it can all be a bit much on a girl.
we are quite aware that if we were to read back through the blogette (a practice that we usually refrain from, for fear of obsessing) we’d probably see a distinct pattern – a few months of chi-busting lending our words a rather tragic air. for that, we apologize.
because along with love and loved ones, one of the things that makes bras and ranties feel most grateful (dare we say lucky) in this world is you. that you are here: reading our words, lending us yours, supporting and inspiring us. publishing the blogette is the first time we’ve felt purposed, the first time we’ve felt the drive of the entrepreneur. it has catapulted our confidence and inspired a new path in life. it’s all because of you. thank you.