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let’s start monday off right with bras and ranties latest edition of at least i’m not jessica simpson. she is beautiful. and she seems pretty lovable. but homegirl is having a lot of trouble getting it right lately.

the shot @ right is jess doing stripes in 2006. the shot at far right is of jess on july 1st, singing the national anthem at the opening of the pga golf tournament. at least the girl is festive.

now before you begin your hatemail about my being mean to the chubsters, let me interrupt. my weight’s been down, but it’s also been up. on this type of body, 5lbs (err…maybe 9) looks like a lot. and if you’ve been blessed in the tiddy-department, it also means arms, backs, etc start to bulk up.

i am not calling her fat, as much as i’m saying that there were obviously much better choices for jess for this particular styling opportunity. she should be attempting to move pop-media attention away from her weight-gain and over to her ability to dress beautifully. unless she wants all the goss-sites to continue to call her a porker.

for the record, if a piece you like is so tight it’s making you resemble some sort of sausage situation, try sizing up. it’s amazing how a little give can make you look (and feel) smaller.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    totally agree.

    bad choices on jessica.

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