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hi newts. what are you reading right now?
xo a bras and ranties fan

oooh a fan!

my migration to freelance work has left me with odd pockets of extreme amounts of spare time. because my default chill behaviour usually includes shopping and lying with a/my dutchie on the couch, i have been trying to keep myself occupied with more cerebral things. like books. and us magazine.

right now i’m reading ‘the white tiger’ – aravind adiga’s debut novel. so far it’s an energetic, complex, moody comedy about one man’s road to success.

my last few books:

babylon rolling (amanda boyden) a somewhat jarring story of a street in pre-katrina new orleans.

bridge of sighs (richard russo) an intricately woven story of a simple man…that we can all learn a few things from. nice but not riveting.

choke (chuck palahniuk) will make you feel weird.

better dog behavior (charlotte schwartz) obviously doesn’t work.

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  1. Allie O says:

    Apart from nudes and leather what are your fashion tips for spring Newts? I have limited funds but want to invest in some new pieces…share your infinite style wisdom xoxo

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