it is with great lubency…

i once had a boyfriend who, upon realizing the…err…unexpected extent of my vocabulary, sheepishly asked me to start sending him a word of the day. i guess so that he’d know what i was talking about at least half of the time. anyways, i’m pretty sure his assistant started reading them since he never bothered, and i’d venture to guess he still doesn’t know what volition means. dumbass.

being a bit of a word-snob, i often complain about the limitations of language. in my opinion, there are certain sentiments that our vocabularies simply cannot articulate perfectly and succinctly. obvie, the more you can augment your vobabulary the less likely you are to stumble. which is why i’m loving this site:

each year, hundreds of words fall victim to the dreaded redundancy. this site is a viral movement dedicated to rescuing words from oblivion. you adopt a word you heart, and make a commitment to integrating that word back into society. i know. totally geeking out over here.

4 thoughts on “it is with great lubency…”

  1. gavintiegirl says:

    I just adopted Lubency..Geek out much! and Googled it and found your site. šŸ™‚ I am a Geek Too. My favorite book is the dictionary. LOL!

  2. Coagulated says:

    Same here, 'lubency' has just become my first adoption šŸ™‚

  3. Anonymous says:

    *laughs* The first word I adopted was LUBENCY, too! There are just so many situations where I can envision using it!

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