it’s like you were my favorite drug

according to the blogeratti, dear riri is set to break the silence about her abuse by chris brown to diane sawyer on friday’s 20/20.

from what we have gathered from the tweets and the twits, rihanna’s most salient point comes as really no surprise; if it can happen to her, it can happen to anyone. how very poignant.

though we earnestly hope she’s got more to offer in the interview, homegirl does make a point. this occurence is so much more common than anyone can even guess. and more dangerous than we can even fathom because it’s rarely disclosed or discussed.

and so even when shrouded in the glamor of hip-hop-hollywood, we see a man-child ignorantly moving on, a fan base (slash marketing machine) that supports him regardless, and a woman left carrying a rather tragic strength around with her on the daily. while we extremely adore rihanna’s bold exterior, we see it as armor against a place of pain. you can just see it; it’s her chi.

we recognize it so because we have been in her boots ourselves. okay, maybe we’d prefer hers – we’re pretty sure they were lanvin. while we didn’t wake up one day and feel like britney spears, bras and ranties woke up one morning to feel like we were on jerry springer. a man (our man)’s selfish, hideous anger hurt us right down to our bones – life left in pieces for us to literally and figuratively clean away and begin anew. one can build back stronger than before, but no one ever forgets how much something like that can hurt your soul. and it shows.

if you feel discomfort, we don’t blame you. it’s exactly that which is the problem. silence buries the problem under layers of shame, isolation, fear. those who have a voice – those who have people listening – have a responsibility to use it. let’s hope dear riri uses hers well.

abc friday 9pm: 20/20
 (image stolen from popsugar)

3 thoughts on “it’s like you were my favorite drug”

  1. JB says:

    If I am ever blessed with the re-incarnation option, life #2 (I agree this could be 2, 3 or more already) then I will come as "The Guy who Taught Other Guysto Cherish not Violate".
    I am sad when I hear of someone I know has gone through this BS.

  2. Anonymous says:

    OR, you could start teaching them now JB!!

  3. JB says:

    The prob is…………..
    "He is just an old fuddy duddy, what the f… does he know" I may be mistaken but I believe it would stick better from a peer!!

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