jelly boys…love em or leave em?

i must admit, the first time a dude gets jealous, it’s hard not to be somewhat flattered (providing it’s not totally psycho). i mean, it means he likes you. and that you know how to push his buttons (you should know how to push most people’s buttons, for the record). and it obviously means you’ve made an impression.

but the green-eyed monster is not a good look, on anyone. especially if it’s an unnecessary and unfounded emotion that interrupts your well-being, or your ability to enjoy your day.

my vote: address issues head-on with as much maturity as you can muster. the other person’s with you for a reason. don’t give them a reason not to be.

ps. because i know you will ask, this post was about about chef cory, who (by the way) i am retardedly excited to welcome home in full-slash-no regalia this weekend. whee!