know what they say about assumption

the previous post doth inspire our new plan of action re boys and the blogette. no longer do we plan on informing any of them which website we happen to pen, at least not at first. this will prove difficult (as talking about ourself is a favorite hobby) but it’s turning out to be annoying. and trouble.

don’t get us wrong, the boys love their bras and ranties. even the ones utilized as subject matter (for the most part, with the exception of displaced booty boy) tend to appreciate their role in our inspiration and process. at the very least they appreciate the anonymity.
but new boys are a different story. new boys suddenly have a destination, an open book. 30mins of reading can lead to a whole whack of theories and assumptions on a girl. a whilst most of these theories are likely true, isn’t it more fun to find out from the real thing?