the lazies

bras and ranties has never been particularly organized. it seems we lack internal lists and to-dos, quite easily resisting the nag to just get shit done. we leave things until the eleventh hour, relying on panic to get our ass in gear. we forget to pay parking tickets (sorry dad). we receive emails to which we intend to reply (for we hate typing on our blackberry) until all of a sudden the notes are buried in our inbox, a distant memory until we inevitably run into the person. and we don’t pick up voice mails. ever.

and while we’re quite aware this is not the optimal way to go through life, have friends or run a business it’s inexplicably difficult for us to stay on the ball. it always has been.


but we were affronted last week with three dear friends who took our radio silence quite personally, our own indolence causing them to worry and wonder if perhaps bras and ranties was pissed. we feel terrible. the idea of it actually hurts our heart a bit; never would we want to be the root of anyone’s bad chil unless they well-deserved it. but the best intentions are left moot without action and our lazies are an excuse no longer.

thus, we have determined part one of our new year’s resolve. bras and ranties commits to staying on the ball and working harder. no excuses. if we have so-offended (and if you are still waiting for a reply from bras and ranties) please excuse. we were not meaning to be rude. trust, you’d know if we were.


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  1. lisa says:

    LOL. Love the pic. So true.

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