let’s just get this straight….

well, if you set up a site that allows “copyrighted content available for sharing” you get fined a million bucks and get sent to jail for a year. but you are allowed to fuck around with the personal wealth (and livelihood) of your innocent clients, and it’s all good yo!

the pirate bay guys were criminally prosecuted for violating (essentially) obsolete copyright laws. and yet almost no one in finance has been held even civilly liable for vastly more economically damaging actions.

from harvardbusiness.org: on the one hand, we have damages worth maybe (maybe) a few million. on the other, a few trillion. on the one hand, innovation and better music is stifled — benefits are foregone. on the other, reform of a broken banking system is stifled — losses are incurred.

that’s everything that’s wrong with the economy in one sentence: the ongoing inability of today’s leaders to deal with 21st century economics.

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  1. Kitty Catkins says:

    That’s a heavy article. I could not agree more. A friend in southern California works at a firm that just laid off 15% of it’s staff. The execs then gave themselves all “rentention bonuses” the next week – WTF!!?!

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