the life of the party

we had to pass along this harper’s bazaar piece found en-tweet recently (seriously, why aren’t you tweeting) if only because the story rings so rightly familiar. it’s by a young, energetic young woman whose lifestyle of work and play found her with a drink in-hand throughout her many events.

like many, a glass (or three) is just a way of life, a little juice to ease the drudgery of the daily event with different faces. without predilection for over-boozing, she assumed her consumption quantity was handled and under control. until she woke up with a problem.
dependence on alcohol in social situations is an epidemic run rampant across society. amongst friends. booze remains our favorite wingman; invited to every party, his charms refused by few. but toeing the line between reliance and addiction is a dangerous place to dance, and yet it’s the inevitable address for so many.
even bras and ranties has been recently found flirting with the idea of easing up on the drink, if only to avoid the dull, embittered hangover that tends to accompany us after all these mini-nights. a hangover needs to be worth it, non? but even the big nights are experiencing a curb, our uninebriated eyes catching more than a few drunken disasters roaming amongst us, toes long beyond that line so many tend to tightrope.
while employment of the twelve steps seems a rather extreme staircase to climb, we hope the piece inspires evaluation and attention to how your own behavior fares. perhaps it’s time to change the dial on certain habits, norms. a grander perspective begets the question of why the habits exist in the first place. why we’re disgruntled enough with each other to need the edges softened down, extra padding necessary to connect with (or stomach) our fellow human. do we all just fucking hate each other?
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  1. Anonymous says:

    really a thought provoker. its true, alcohol is a friend always at the party. wonder how many people would show up at a sans alcohol event…am I crazy to say that party's are more fun when all are drunk? less inhibition, less seriousness, more tolerance for weird and strange behaviour. Why do we only allow ourselves to cut loose without inhibition if they are drunk? We wouldn't exactly excuse our man of running naked if he wasn't drunk now would we?

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