life (or something like it)

bras and ranties has been having a tough go with life these last few days; we must admit that our start to the season has been a rather trying one.

a client problem sitting in our head for days, to no resolve. we’ve been tormented, waiting for the answer to arrive and the puzzle to click into place. and yet. and the other projects keep looming – crescendo – like muppet monsters underneath the bed.

(we admit we still taking a flying leap onto the mattress every once in a while. on certain nights with bad chi looming it’s quite easy to convince yourself that the goblins await)

and yet troubles like this seem inconsequential when faced with the stark truth that real life actually has an end. no matter how much you may try to live with awareness, or design the life you desire, nothing grounds you in reality like a biology lesson. the world is an ecosystem. life will end.

a rather heavy post for the morning latte we realize, however life awards no such design parameters. people don’t talk about the topic much, perhaps perpetuating how very difficult the concept is to process.
 our culture has made the idea somewhat preposterous that there is something beyond this, religion having cornered the market on the next evolution and ruined the idea for everyone. but bras and ranties believes, oh yes.
just a wee reminder to love big / live true / say what you want / create things / dream / do



3 thoughts on “life (or something like it)”

  1. JB says:

    How do we, as mere observers, begin to understand the turmoil in others. A very good friend of my best friend succumbed to this "eco-system" this last weekend. Far too young and far too vibrant.

    As one of the lines from the last nights premier of "Glee" put it so succinctly, you have your own "Sophie's Choice"

  2. AOK says:

    Truth be told, it can all be done as fast as it started. I hate the feeling of waiting for life to begin because that's what this is – LIFE. For good or bad you just have to give it your all – sometimes I forget this and get caught up in the waiting game. No more. Thanks for this girl!

  3. Natasha Penzo says:

    Is that your bed? Love the frame!
    If so- where did you purchase!?

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