major-ass rantie.

my work involves the development of fresh & unique insight on a consumer, that brands can then tailor their positioning, their personality and their ideas around.

as a result, i have come to harbour a deep curiousity around the human condition. essentially, how people feel and behave. this curiosity has understandably leaked over into my personal life…sorry guys.

so i simply cannot accept the fact that while almost no topic is off-limits these days, there is such an absence of discussion around soul. and by soul i guess i mean….cerebral energy. emotional intelligence. human understanding. insight on the spirit of those around you. evolution of your capacity for thought.

it’s a wonderful thing to actively process and understand your connection with others. the energy you expel outward, and the way you are affected by other people…that shit’s real yo.

please. discuss this kind of stuff [or any kind of stuff…as long as it’s STUFF, ya knows?] with people who inspire you, and who challenge your manner of thought. theorize and create. we are here to observe, understand and evolve.

ps – no, i have not read the secret and i will not read the secret.