missing: one dutchie

i took my sweetest li’l dutch to the groomer on friday, to deal with some beyond unfortunate matting that was the result of my attempt to grow him some dreads.

see he has hair, not fur. which means no shedding. it also means haircuts and daily brushings. which you can’t even fathom how much he hates.

anyways, so they warned me they may need to take it all off…to shave it all away. i knew it would hurt…he is the cutest little muppet and his hair is amazing…but it had to be done.

but when i went to collect him, they didn’t give me the dutch-man. oh no. they gave me that ugly-ass bald cat that rachel had on friends instead. and the worst? this evil alien baby is mean. he’s been nipping and scratching me. and this morning, while reading in my delectable bed, the little shit nuzzled up beside me on the duvet, raised his leg, and took a fucking piss!

we will document alien baby’s transformation back into dutchie-poo. let’s hope our favourite li’l man comes back soon.