fear not the post below might be representative of some sort of new-found fashion minimalism, that our style has somehow shifted simple overnight. that the wardrobe’s gone zen. hardly. one of the best parts of opening up room for favorites to parade in opportunity is the space left in between. the room for timelier, trend-oriented pieces to round out the racks. peppering the now throughout.

and as the sales drone onward across august waves, we find our mind wandering helplessly toward the colors textures cuts of what’s to come. while we’d be remiss to encourage the desertion of this summer sunshine (today rather inspirational in its absence) a part of us growls hungry for our city’s fleeting fall and all its fashion.

bloggie favorite who what wear (long-readers long-aware) feeds the fury just right, recent posts not only providing a taste of next season’s styles but also inspiration on how to work them in to now (as we tend). newest neutrals of rich camel and leopard print, straight leg seventies, thick knits and maxi skirts each fall for summer’s light, diaphanous sensibilities. they come together to juxtapose, a bolder creativity. a fashion-lover’s favorite time of year.

so what’s on your own wardrobe wishlist? what looks are getting a second look? would love to hear what you have your eyes on. what you wore. email